Follow the progress of the VINBOT technology!

The progress of VINBOT technology has been presented today 3rd July 2014 in Hungary.

The developers are meeting in the town of Kiskőrös (Hungary) organised by the local vinegrower and winemaker association OGSZ.

A first assessment of the survey that is being carried out  (participate in our survey!  has been presented. Then, the advances on the ground truth database collection have been explained. After that, some pictures of the current state of the sensory system have been shown. Moreover, the outcomes of the experiments carried out last April in Portugal during which 3D data were obtained from the sensors on the mobile platform were described. Finally, tasks to be developed before the harvesting were explained.

To conclude, at this moment the developers are satisfied with the progress of this new technology although lot of work has still to be done in the forthcoming years.


Foto grupo