M21 Technical Meeting held in Lisbon.

On the 13th and 14th October, the consortium research centers met in Lisbon for their second biannual technical meeting. The key points addressed at these meetings are:

  • Presentation of the RTDs technical progress, including demos of the modules developed by each RTD.
  • Evaluation of the work conducted so far (in line with the workplan established)
  • Define technical tasks for the coming months in order to achieve the project objectives within budget and timing.
  • Raise technical questions and problems, and propose viable solutions.

At the Lisbon meeting, Ateknea presented a workflow proposal for the VINBOT platform functioning. From the integration of images taken by the robot to the presentation of results through a web-interface. Having accepted the proposed workflow, VINBOT scientists discussed how the VINBOT modules should interact in order to obtain the expected results to show to the end-user.

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