Technical Features

VINBOT is an all-terrain autonomous mobile robot equipped with a set of sensors capable of capturing and analysing vineyard images and 3D data by means of cloud computing applications. This Precision Viticulture tool will allow winegrowers to accurately assess the yield and leave behind current estimates based on visual inspection of small samples which lead to error and low quality wines.

VINBOT will estimate the amount of leaves, grapes and other phyto-data in the vine throughout the entire vineyard via computer vision and other sensors and will generate online yield and vigour maps to help winegrowers optimise management strategies.

Winegrowers will be able to blend grapes with the same ripeness state and thus producing high quality wines. Furthermore, they will be able to segment their production in different qualities and quantities to maximise its benefits.

The VINBOT consist of:

  • A robotic platform: durable, mobile, with open-source software
  • Colour cameras to take high-precision images of the vine
  • 3D range finders to navigate the field and to obtain the shape of the canopies
  • A Normalised Difference Vegetation Index sensor to compute the vigour of the plants
  • A small computer for basic computational functions and connected to a communication module
  • A cloud-based web application to process images or create 3D maps



  • Captures the leaf-to-fruit ratio at a rate of 1ha/h
  • Can autonomously monitor 168 hectares three times a year
  • Is capable of climbing slopes up to 45º
  • Is powered by and electric battery and works 8h per day

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