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M24 General Meeting in Barcelona

Consortium members met at Ateknea’s facilities (Cornellà de llobregat, Barcelona) the 2nd and 3rd of February 2016 to hold the M24 General Meeting. During this event a training session was performed to show the SMEs a first working prototype of the whole Vinbot system, including an integrated version of the robotic platform with the sensor head, a computing cloud able to analyze the data provided by the robot and a web interface able to present this data. 

Click the following link to see a short video of the prototype working!

vine wall scan by Javier_low

Successful VINBOT demonstration session carried out.

Demonstration VINBOT project took place las Thursday 16th at ISA facilities in Lisbon. The demonstration, carried out by the Spanish company ROBOTNIK allowed to show to the general public the autonomous functioning of VINBOT.

Before this demonstration, João Encarnação representative of the project coordinator ATEKNEA SOLUTIONS CATALONIA, and Carlos Lopes from Instituto Superior de Agronomia gave a press conference where project progress was shared.

The event was well received both among the public and among the media, such as in the Portuguese daily PUBLICO