Cooperativa Agrícola de Granja

coop granja

This association was founded in 1952 and covers the vitiviniculture regions of Mourão and Moura in the southern part of Portugal. The winegrowing area exploited by their associated viticulturists has a total of 600 ha. The association is responsible for managing the production of their associates and transform their grapes into wine which is then distributed by the association itself. Other objectives of the association are to defend, manage, represent and boost the interests of their associates, through promotional events, training activities, coordination of marketing and publicity actions, legal assistance, organization of seminars and conferences and representation at public and private organisms. The association possesses six commercial brands: three are Regional Wines (“Portal de S. Brás”, “Terras do Cante” and “Encostas do Alqueva”), two are PDO (“Granja/Amareleja” and “Terras do Suão”) and one is a Table Wine (“SeteFreguesias”). At national and international level they have been distinguished with several prizes for their wines.