OGSZ — Orgovanyi Gazdaszovetkezet Szovetkezet


Founded in 1961 in the Great Hungarian Plain (called Alföld), Orgoványi Gazdaszövetkezet represents winemakers and the farmers and their families who grow grapes in the southern part of Hungary. Orgoványi Gazdaszövetkezet already includes 150 SMEs. The association is managed by the president and they have 9 full-time employees. The association has close contact with its member companies and meet periodically, organizing workshops to discuss a specific area of viticulture or wine making. Their members are interested in continually increasing their knowledge of viticulture practices, and implementing new technologies in order to improve their vineyards to produce higher quality wines.

They currently produce 3000 hectolitres of wine annually, with several varieties of Hungarian wine, including kövidinka, kékfrankos, cserszegi fűszeres, izsáki sárfehér and bianka. The members of the association own more than 700 hectares of vine, for an annual turnover of 366,862€. They typically sell their wines for a wholesale price of 0.60€-0.70€ to bottlers and distributors who resell it at retail.

The Association is member of the following Hungarian organiSations:

  • MOSZ; Mezőgazdasági Szövetkezők és Termelők Országos Szövetsége: Assotiation of Hungarian Agricultural Cooperatives and Farmers (national association).
  • Kiskunsági Mezögazdasági Szövetség: Kiskunság Agricultural Association (regional association)
  • Duna Borrégió Borút Egyesület: Danube Wine Region Wine Road Association