VINBOT launched in Barcelona!

VINBOT family picture

The VINBOT technology was presented today in Barcelona to address the need to boost the quality of European wines. Researchers at Ateknea Solutions (Barcelona), the Instituto Superior de Agronomia/ Universidade de Lisboa (Lisbon) and Robotnik (Valencia) will pool their expertise to achieve data-intensive computer vision algorithms to be offloaded to external internet servers. Then VINBOT will be able to extend visual leaf and fruit estimation throughout the entire vineyard, and to centralise yield management by providing wine growers with accurate online yield maps of their vineyards. The research will be supported by the technical companies: Agri-Ciencia Consultores de Engenharia (Lisboa) and Assist Software (Suceava, Romania).

The automatic yield monitoring system VINBOT will accurately assess grape yield and relevant phyto-data via a set of sensors, tracking the state and location of the assets, generating maps, capturing sample locations, and sharing such information in a quick, flexible, autonomous and easy-to-use way. By means of this, estimating the amount of leaves and grapes on the vine via computer vision and other sensors, VINBOT will provide growers with online vigour and yield maps of their vineyards.

Thousands of wine producers will benefit from quality wine and an easier decision-making process in terms of harvesting and field monitoring. At the vineyard level, growers will be able to automatically assess yield in a more accurate and representative way as compared with the traditional manual, destructive and time-consuming sample-based estimates.