The global wine industry has become increasingly sophisticated and internationalised, with at least 67 nations now producing wine. The European Union still leads the global wine market but its share of exports (by value) has diminished quite considerably. The wine industry currently faces a variety of challenges including the downturn in the global economy, the rise of concerns about sustainability and new producing countries. VINBOT becomes a great opportunity for European wineries willing to lead the global market through the implementation of new technologies.

  • The EU market is composed of 1.6 million vineyards covering a total of 4.315.865ha generating over 5000 million euros of added value annually
  • The EU-27 wine sector directly employs 2.2 million people.
  • The EU wine sector produces 175 million hectoliters of wine annually, accounting for 45% of wine-growing areas, 65% of production, 57% of global consumption and 70% of exports globally.


Within the EU, France, Italy and Spain represent about 80% of the total production (these three countries together constitute the largest producer of wine in the world). Other important EU producers include Germany, Portugal, Romania, Greece and Hungary.


France, Italy and Spain

*Germany, Portugal, Romania, Greece and Hungary




Most winegrowers are members of Associations which centralise and optimise production, as well as distribute and market their members’ wine. With VINBOT Associations will be able to coordinate and optimise yield management strategies throughout their thousands of members’ vineyards, based on their collective expertise and commercial objectives. Furthermore, based on the accurate yield information provided by VINBOT, Associations will improve the organisation of the production and marketing of their members’ wines, by a better choice of the grapes to blend for each targeted wine quality segment.

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